Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Modify Results Laptops PS3 on eBay for sale

One modifikator reliable work, Ben Heck, a PS3 Slim laptops, can be obtained through buying and selling site eBay. Heck 'modify a laptop to be portable PS3.

What has been done by Benjamin Heckendorn, better known by the name of Ben Heck is quite good. He managed to 'marry' Slim PS3 game console with LCD Gateway 17-inch size.

As a result, he now has a portable game console with all the skills possessed by the PS3 Slim. Gamers also many who want to have 'rare thing' is.

Ben Heck's work is now posted on eBay buying and selling sites and high prices. Recorded, the last bid for the console reached USD 1.075.

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