Friday, December 18, 2009

Valentino Rossi attended the Netbook

Packard Bell launched their first netbook-style Valentino Rossi. With a touch of personal designer Rossi, netbook is he fit to be style MotoGP fans.

Artwork in the form of icons and the number of motorcycle Rossi, Aldo Drudi attributed usually to design a helmet for the driver, the body netbook.

Then there are the sun and moon images depicting the 'two sides of personality' Rossi. Because besides being a world-class drivers, the Doctor - his nickname - was still a teenager.

There are currently no certainty about the innards and the price will compact computer output for vendors that have been purchased by this Acer. But reportedly, this netbook will participate Acer trafficked to Indonesia.

"Brand Valentino Rossi has climbed the popularity and this is recognized by many people," said Gianpiero Morbello, Division Vice President Marketing & Brand Acer Group.

"And be able to offer customers an experience of 'Valentino's Dream' by Packard Bell products, is a pride for us," (detikinet)

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