Friday, December 18, 2009

20 Thousands packed Android Market Applications

2010 is predicted to be the best moment for Google to popularize operating system, Android. Now continue to target the Android smartphone manufacturers to make new phones in the coming years.

Support of the application developers were not half-half, during the last five months of the application that sits on Android Market increased dramatically. It is estimated that approximately 20 thousand applications, the current crowding Android Market, kiosk application designed for Google's platform.

Tech Crunch, Friday (18/12/2009) reported, 62 percent of the applications in the Android Market free download by users, while 38 percent is paid application. The number of applications in the Android Market is expected to increase and will penetrate 50 thousand applications in quarter two 2010.

The availability of the application store be one factor that will determine the success of smart phone sales. Now, Apple's AppStore is still dominated by the number of applications reached 100 thousand and serving 77 countries with 20 different categories of applications, ranging from gaming, business, news, sports, health, and travel. It is estimated that the application in the App Store will reach approximately 300,000 in November 2010.

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