Saturday, December 19, 2009

GVon 920 Equipped Video Chat

GVon 920This product practically latest GVon. Qwerty phone with a 920 series GVon. One advantage is the video chat feature of the first integrated mobile phone available in Indonesia.

GVon 920 allows users to chat with the speaker, through a video camera located at the front of this phone. The principle works almost the same as we do video chat on the computer, netbook or laptop. Only through a video chat can be done with the other owners GVon 920.

"Network data for Chat and Video Chat is used by the 920 Series GVON this is to utilize the EDGE network technology or 2.5 G. This is three times faster than regular GPRS network," said Haryanto, Marketing Director of PT Nusantara GVon through official information , Saturday (19/12/2009).

Physical appearance and design GVon HP 920 series are almost same exact model, shape and design with 'BlackBerry Tour' and clad materials Cassing highly qualified and has a glossy black and shiny clear. Plus this GVon 920 series have a unique navigation buttons and very flexible. Ie with a trackball like the Blackberry will become easier for us to make navigation on the HP 920 series GVON this. Display screen display color depth also has a very sharp.

"In addition to the design and dimensions have a comfortable grip, dual SIM card phone with affordable price has a video facility in Indonesia's first chat with a clear screen, a full entertainment facilities, such as MP3 Player, MP4 Player & FM Radio," said Haryanto.

Haryanto According to the data facility, this phone also features an external memory facility and bluetooth, and equipped with facilities to connect to the facebook social networking, Tweeter, Ebuddy, You Tube, Opera Mini, Funbook & Yahoo. This cool phone also offers a clear voice output, especially when using a headset. Not only that, go Haryanto, with a 5 megapixel camera features, the resulting picture is quite good, especially in outdoor shots or adequate lighting.

GVon facility also features 920 Push Mail, Google MAP and Real One Player. With Real Player to watch movies liked.

Designed GVon 920 more perfect. Remarkably, in addition to all the above advantages, this phone is equipped Magic Voice (voice magic) that can change the sound. This means that the user's voice can be converted into another person's voice. For example a baby voice, female or male. Cool again, GVon 920 can also produce sound with different situations. That is, the user can set to background noise, like a highway traffic noise, the atmosphere of the market or any other desired sounds. (okezone)

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