Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Macbook Pro

MacBook Pro is Apple portable computer aimed at the professional user. MacBook Pro is Apple's first portable computers powered by Intel Core Duo processor, which makes (according to Apple), 4 times faster than PowerBook G4 predecessor.

Problem # 1: Heat

MacBook Pro first generation known for its incredible heat, with various other problems like buzzing sound constantly. This is probably due to the MacBook Pro is still the revision A and it is the first Apple portable computers that use Intel processors. However, problems after problems fade with minor revisions made by Apple with the MacBook Pro comes out higher. But do not worry because Apple had Apple Care.

MacBook Pro problems detected by co-id-mac mailing list is: 1. Excessive heat causes overheat so that applications become unresponsive 2. Batteries popped out due to heat 3. Logic board is broken.

Various features of the MacBook Pro

* ISight integration, allows you to take a picture (using Photo Booth) and video chat (using iChat) anytime you want.
* High resolution screen, making you have a roomy space to work, especially with widescreen-format screen MacBook.
* FrontRow + Apple Remote, so you can enjoy video + audio with an elegant appearance and convenience FrontRow Apple Remote.
* And much more ... MacBook Pro a test drive at your nearest Apple Resellers.

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