Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spanish Government website hacked, Photos Prime Minister Replaced Mr. Bean

Action nosy hackers also happened in Spain. This is seen as the official site successfully destroyed the Spanish government and changed the front page view. The hackers had succeeded in changing the image of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero became the image of Mr Bean comedy.

In the picture on the web page shown photographs Rawon Atkinson fictional character with a funny face as he plastered the word 'Hi There ".

Over the last few years of PM Zapatero is often ridiculed by people like Mr Bean comedy. Recent criticism of Zapatero appeared in the newspaper El Pais, Zapatero featuring a caricature of Mr.Bean.

This deface their own actions because of their criticism of the difficulties Zapatero Spain from a noose off the economic crisis, even during the six months Zapatero government has raised the unemployment rate to reach 19 percent. However, most residents are not bothered by Spanish caused it, even looking very pleased with the creation of the hacker.

Currently the site's developers make improvements to the Spanish government's official site is as usual. Moreover, this destruction actions directly affect the existing security system in these pages.

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