Sunday, January 3, 2010

20% businessman naked meetings online

More and more businessman take advantage of fast Internet access to online meetings via conference call, via laptop or mobile phone. But surprisingly enough, 20% of the perpetrators of this meeting was happy to do it naked.

This fact was revealed in a survey held British Telecom (BT), British telecommunications company. While relaxing at home, the businessman claimed a conference call with pajamas, underwear or even naked.

Also revealed in this survey that the most popular place to hold conference
call is in the next bedroom and bathroom. Some respondents claimed to often do so suddenly now were in the vehicle, even some in the ski, beaches and parks.

Various household distinctive voice also did not miss often in this online meeting. For example, babies crying, dogs barking, until the sound of toilet flushing.

BT predicts 700,000 could reduce conventional conference meeting in 2008 and, by replacing the method of online conference call meetings.

"more people who make the conference is good news for us. It is also useful to cut travel time, cost and CO2 emissions," said Aaron McCormac, Chief Executive of BT.

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