Monday, December 14, 2009

Most Hunted Netbooks 2009

netbook, best netbook, most hunted netbook, HP Mininote, Acer Aspire One Slim, Toshiba NB 200, Dell, OS Windows XPThere was a brisk series netbook market in the country in 2009. From netbook-strewn netbook, netbook what most consumers hunted at the end of this year?

Based on monitoring detikINET, Tuesday (15/11/2009) on a number of stores in an electronic shopping mall Ambassador, netbook brands selling a sought-after is: Mininote HP 1169 series, Acer Aspire One Slim, followed by Toshiba NB 200 and the last Dell apparent enthusiasts quieter than the 3 brand.

"What now is the best selling mini-note HP 1169 with OS Windows XP, 1GB RAM and 160 GB Hardisk," said one vendor who sold the 3 brand.

"The only competitor is the Acer Aspire One with a 10 inch screen. The average buyer is fanatical about Acer is certainly looking netbook. On a computer exhibition in the JCC a few moments ago, this netbook is the best-selling, until the stock shows up," he added .

Perhaps the cause of his best-selling two products this netbook is the price of under $ 4 million. HP 1169 mini note the average sale price of Rp 3.6 million (OS Win XP), while the Acer Aspire One specifications AOD 250 with Intel Atom N270 processor, and features similar to HP, the average sold for Rp 3.5 million. For Toshiba netbook with PS-205 series which has roughly the same spefisifikasi, worth USD 4.5 million.

For additional information netbook local manufacturers at the end of this year a little overshadowed by the brands above.

"Now people prefer to search for branded netbook hell," said one seller on the floor 3 Mal Ambassador.

For now, netbook local manufacturers, the latest Axio Pico DJH 615, with specification Intel Atom N270 / 1GB RAM / 250 GB storage price to Rp 2.8 million (non OS). While Zyrex SKY 1812, with the atom processor on it and roughly the same specifications, sold for Rp 3.5 million (OS Win XP).

resource : detikInet

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