Monday, December 14, 2009

New Complete Camera Features from Pentax

pentax, camera digital, underwater cameraSome time ago, pentax as the world's leading camera manufacturer has just put out 3 products Camera Optio WS80 Latest namely, Optio P80 and Optio E80. For you lovers and observers of the world photographer, will certainly don't miss this one description.

Optio camera that WS80 is a waterproof camera (waterproof) and the latest camera is suitable for you who want to document the underwater life. With the price of 249.95 USD or approximately 2.5 million rupiah, it is comparable to the capability and performance of a camera owned by this one. WS80 Option is equipped with 10 megapixel camera sensor, 5x optical zoom, display a thin body size 1 inch, LCD screen measuring 2.7 inches and the ability to hold in depth until it reaches 1.524 meters under water. besides, the camera is able to document WS80 video from under the water with speed 720p, face detection, reducing turbulence and can set the modes of high sensitivity to obtain ISO 6400.

Meanwhile, the latest camera, Optio P80 is equipped with 12.1-megapixel CCD, LCD screen measuring 2.7 inches, 720p movie mode (30fs), face detection, shock absorbers, the lens optical zoom 4x wide angle of view, (as well as 27, 5 - 110mm focal length) and the support of AA batteries. And the plan is kamre Optio P80 will be marketed starting in September 2009 for the future with price around 199.95 USD. Color choices vary as black, pearl and mint hues.

Next one other New Camera products that Option E80. And one feature that is almost similar to the features that P80 is the Optio owned share of 10-megapixel sensor. As for other features of 720p movie mode and 15fs optical zoom lens with a 3x focal length equivalent to 32 to 96 mm. To marketing itself, the plan will be launched in September 2009 next month for $ 129.95 USD

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