Monday, December 14, 2009

Windows Mobile 7

windows mobile 7, new windows mobile, pda, smart phone, interfaceAfter launch the Windows Mobile version 6.5 last month, Microsoft is preparing to spawn the Windows Mobile 7. Bill Gates-owned company confirmed it will continue to develop innovations in smart phone operating system, said Microsoft UK head of Mobility Phil Moore that mobile users will see Windows Mobile 7 on the market by the end of 2010.

"You'll see more on Windows Mobile 7. Giving users and consumers what they want, is the goal of Windows Mobile 7. You'll get the flexibility that is much easier to touch user interface (UI)," said Moore, as quoted by Neo News, Sunday (13/12/2009).

"It was true, Apple and other vendors think we all are 'nap'. But they do not know, that indeed we are making new breakthroughs in user experience in mobile interface," he added.

In September this year, Microsoft confirmed that it is approximately 1.000 developer, working to develop Windows Mobile 7, a plan to strengthen the social networking features as key elements of the Windows Mobile 7.
Reportedly, too, in Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft will be pinned Office Mobile 2010, the latest generation of mobile version of this Office.

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