Monday, December 14, 2009

Printing Without Ink With Zink Portable Photo Printer

Traveling with your colleagues and families to places of recreation, it does not complete if we did not capture the moment of togetherness. More is not complete anymore, if it's the pictures that we just have to snap them stored in your phone or camera, without we can see the results immediately and give it to our relatives who may come from different cities.

Well, if you can find photo printers around, of course it would not be a problem. And now even you yourself can easily print photos without having to depend on other people, and you can print at will anytime and anywhere.

Pandigital ready to assist you with the Zink portable photo printer that uses Zero Ink printing technology. This printer became first Zero Ink printer capable of printing images measuring 4 × 6 inches.

What are the advantages offered by this Zero Ink?

Pandigital offers you to print images without the need for printer ink. Wow! Instead, you are required to use special paper Paper zinc so that it can display images shots at the special photo paper with good quality. This special paper is also able to distinguish between the colors yellow, magenta and cyan.

Well, when I have a sophisticated printer without ink, you can print photos directly from memory cards or USB drives, of course, because it is portable, you do not need to print again using a PC. Simply use the existing printer LCD, then you can make photo printing.

I've heard of this new printer will be present at the beginning of 2010, but has not mentioned how much the price range of this sophisticated product. Well, you are interested to use it? (

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