Thursday, January 7, 2010

Samsung Netbook Endurance Claims 12 Hour Battery

One of the grievances felt by the user netbook is the battery endurance is still weak. Whereas most netbook users are mobile workers with the level high enough, should not only compact netbook but durable.

Seeing the gap weakness, Samsung issued a new netbook products which can survive up to 12 hours. Through a series of N210 and N220, the Samsung netbook is claimed to have the battery power is longer than the other netbooks on average only lasted 8 hours.

"The battery is long been a necessity for netbook users," said Daniel Hill, Product Manager Notebook PC Samsung, as quoted Vnunet, Thursday (7/1/2010).

"Many people are still sneering netbook battery is weak in strength, it might be true. But Samsung answered the challenge by presenting a netbook with a longer power," he said.

Daniel himself revealed the secret of why the N210 and N220 netbooks can become much longer in durability problems. The first, he thought, because this netbook uses LED screens that can reduce electricity consumption, but that with the addition of an Intel Atom watts of power capable of cutting this netbook membuah be twice more efficient than previous electricity, end netbooks running even longer.

Netbook Nokia N210 and N220 series will be introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2010, and will go on sale in UK retail stores later this month, just after kemudia in a number of other countries. (okezone)

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