Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twitter access via Samsung TV

If there has been an application for smart phones like the iPhone, then now is the time the TV has a special application. Latest Samsung Television 55 inch screen size, variety of special applications in it. This makes the TV can be used also to access Twitter.

Multi Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held in Las Vegas are actually utilized by the electronics companies to showcase latest products they are. This is also done Samsung, in addition to introducing eBooks, electronic vendors from South Korea recently announced that their latest TV products, LED 9000 is rich in applications from independent developers.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (7/1/2010), with a wide variety of applications embedded in it, Samsung TV can be used not only to watch but also to access Twitter, shopping sites, or playing games online.

Thus, while watching a TV show, they can also access Twitter at the same time on the screen, allowing them to exchange opinions about the impressions that they had seen. Not only Twitter, various applications that will have on the Samsung TV can also bring YouTube, eBay, site news providers or video rental service.

Samsung promising applications in their latest TV will change the TV than just a box of live entertainment into the source of all information and communication at home.

9000 LED TV that uses Internet technology Samsung is exhibited for the first time at CES. TV is connected to the Internet via WiFi networks. Samsung says, consumers can store up to 100 applications on the TV. Application is in getting there for free when you first buy a TV. But some are later charged, such as purchased applications for smart phones.

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BEcause of the advancement on the technologies a lot of things have become possible...just like now, you can continue tweeting while using your Samsung TV.. truly, man's drive to perfection is remarkable!

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