Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sony Ericsson C903, Sacrifice Quality Photos

Sony Ericsson C903 chosen sliding mode with corners rounding (circular). His trademark is located at the back, exactly on the cover of the camera to adopt the protective system of active lens cover from the T-series, digital cameras made by Sony. Close this using a simple shift pattern to reach the clearing system is a light but steady. When the cover is open, the camera function will automatically ready for action. So only takes a few seconds just to reach the shot. Signal gives a lot of appreciation for this protective system is.

Nuances of photography is felt also in the shortcut buttons attached to the body right. Here comes the camera shortcut, a button to switch modes to a video image or vice versa, then the gallery to review shots, and the volume of the active camera that will serve as zooming.

Generally C903 is the medium dimension, not big and not too small so that it fits in the hand. But because there are two separate parts (top and bottom) made a significant thickness (1.6 mm). Effects, the C903 is less comfortable when tucked in his shirt pocket even includes a light weight.

C903 which is a test signal with a touch of glamorous red silver accents on some corners. You may conclude that this device would look cheerful, but we think C903 has a higher charm with a strong aura of fashion to be honest although we are expecting something even more interesting considering the purchase price that touched USD 3.5 million.

Casing outer plastic wrapped very smooth glossy feel. This material is often left perspiration fingerprints, but on the other hand offer compensation to the performance of view makes it more delicious because of the shiny shell.

In the face of present ambient light sensor and the secondary camera. Front camera is weird, can not function for taking pictures or video calls. Another interesting story is the lack of M2 hole position behind the rear casing. This means we must first open the cover to install or remove the memory hole when it has support hotswap.

In a level numeric keypad with a horizontal pattern, but still light enough to be used skinfold-type. Yes, you must shift your upper body to find it. Instead the system is so solid and steady. We really liked the pull-push in the hape this slider.

Screen and Software
C903 has a 2.4 inch screen diagonal. These dimensions are still feels responsible, but large enough to measure of the slider phone. With a resolution of 240x320 pixels capitalize, visualization C903 was very sharp and detailed.

Images of icons and text are presented with a neat capable and cool in the eyes. C903 display superior value is actually the ability of anti-scratch and can work under the sun rays.

On the software side of the C903 uses the operating system a unique homemade Sony Ericsson. This operating system was quite responsive with little trinkets though in fact the animation can not be equated with smart phone. The Phone has multitasking facilities through a special button on the side of the D-pad.

Accelerometer function becomes an important part in the C903. In addition to rotate the browser, this feature can work in Media Center to search multimedia content such as photos, music and video. Another interesting note, applications that have been adopted SMS threaded model, which is an sms on one display screen, similar to the chat application.

E-mail settings can be done easily because it is a guide (the wizard). Signals to activation of Gmail account and Yahoo Mail. This turned out very easy because C903 able to trace the parameters of the e-mails directly from the Internet. So the capital account and keyword (password) alone we can already enjoy the e-mail in hand. For the record, an electronic mail facility has been supports ssl encryption systems, multi-account, and the interval check e-mail automatically start 5 minutes to 24 hours.

There was music, fm radio, games and GPS navigation system that can be enjoyed at this entertainment category. Special last feature, the search function by default, this location is equipped with Wayfinder Navigator 7 application and Google Maps as a tool.

C903 audio quality, including master. The resulting sound speakers is not too loud but comfortable on the ear because they do not rupture.

One thing that signals sorry this is the position of the speakers attached to the body-the left side bottom. This placement provides the flexibility indeed play music because of the flip position unnecessary, but a closed finger grip when the grip phone body.

Through the headset, the quality of the songs sung feels much better, bass and treble choir it can be felt with more perfect. In quality, resonant phone voice that is not managed less than the Walkman series which is specifically targeting the segment of music. Related to this music functions C903 enrich themselves with TrackID, A2DP profile, and Mega Bass.

The Phone has a 5 megapixel camera. Resolution is no longer the highest in phone. But because of the superior features photographs C903 is equipped with the facility with a variety of functions for easy photography and image quality.

Unfortunately, the camera button is pressed on the right side was loud enough that often produce vibration when targeting process. The solution, stabilizer C903 provides the option to reduce the shock. But we prefer photographing using the D-pad because it is more tender.

In the afternoon the environment, optical C903 can work very well. The images look more realistic with colors that looked natural approaches the original object. Here we prefer to play at close range. With the Macro mode, C903 able to produce very sharp images and detail.

In the low bright room and at night, we were somewhat disappointed with the performance of less flash light spraying. Luckily, the camera lens works well, the lights from the outside can be absorbed with the optimal photographs produced endless bright enough.

In the light environment to support, we feel very satisfied with the capability and quality shots of this phone Japanese-made.

Opinions Signal
Snap in this phone was easy with the various features that are generally photographed can be set automatically. The pictures are very satisfactory especially at close range by maximizing the Macro mode. Just love the camera button hard enough often produce vibration.

PLUS: photography feature complete enough, multitasking support, okay audio quality, guide activation e-mail, HSDPA, GPS built-in

MINUS: high prices, lack of performance of the maximum flash, no operating system resilient


- LG KF750
This phone as the thinnest 5 megapixel camera in the world. Technically, the C903 and KF750 features a nearly equal. KF750 has the plus of a more premium design, touch screen, 120 fps video capture, and games through gesture control. This minus is the lack of GPS functionality.

- Samsung G810
In this phone photography function has been a step forward because it can perform optical magnification. Compared with C903, the features in this phone was more complete because the available WiFi, Symbian S60 operating system and 3.5mm audio hole.

- Nokia 6260 Classic
The phone was not armed with the Symbian OS so do not enter the category smart phone. The camera is also supported 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics of the lamp type LED lights. 6260c is in excess connectivity already supports Wi-Fi, unfortunately only minus the TV-Out.

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Vending machines for sale on April 10, 2010 at 4:19 PM said...

Your product review covered just about everything. I am a huge Sony Ericsson fan but have switched to Blackberry which I find more flexible and useful for business use. Your review though has convinced me to check this phone out. If I like it, I will buy it and use it as a backup phone.

best buy cell phones on September 6, 2010 at 11:01 PM said...

I have not tried using this phone, but I'd want to give this a try..

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