Friday, January 8, 2010

Although expensive, Alienware Stock sold out

Though priced at a price high enough, Dell said that the stocks of the two series Alienware marketed in Indonesia sold out.

Dell, Alienware presents in Indonesia with 2 variants namely, M15x and m17x. The two notebooks were also equipped with a 'kitchen runway' good enough so that is expected to satisfy the desire of gamers to play.

Call it the Alienware m17x is the highest ranks of the Alienware notebooks. Comes with 2 graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 280m with Scalable Link Interface mode (SLI), Intel Core 2 Extreme quad, plus hardsik capacity of 1 terabyte (TB) is configured with Raid 1 mode.

High speck enough indeed, even impressed 'redundant' if used to play games DoTA class. In addition to offering high-performance notebooks, Dell Alienware also offers a very good view, so do not be surprised if later the pegged price for this product is also quite high.

Alienware M15x priced with 2.299 USD price range and the Alienware m17x with a price of USD 3.299. Although set in a high enough price, but Dell says that the enthusiasm of the people of the notebook is quite high. Even since the arrival of the first notebook in Indonesia in December 2009 ago, inventory are sold out.

"Public interest for this notebook than what we imagine, even the first shipment of this notebook sold out," said Rudi Sumadi, Business Development Director Consumer Business Dell Indonesia, in Senayan Trade Center, Friday, (8/1/2010).

Although claims have been successfully selling out the first stock procurement Alienware notebooks, but Dell did not dare to spit how many units they had sold.

"For the numbers we have not mentioned, which clearly the first shiping all are sold out," said Rudy.

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