Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mozilla Give Plugin Feature Check

Mozilla did not renew the security system Firefox browser. However, Mozilla released a feature that could choose to offer the popular plugin browser. Feature called Check Plugin can make your mozilla browser performance goes better wake up and stay up to date.

The plan will be pinned plugin in Firefox 3.6, which is planned for release next November. Later, when a user visits a web page with Firefox 3.6, users will be notified if there are plugins that update, which is used by the site.

As quoted by PC World, Thursday (15/10/2009), this project also as a 'shield' for Firefox users who also use Adobe Flash. The reason is, as known to Acrobat and Acrobat Reader is bustling center inserted preached a dangerous virus.

Moreover, 99 percent of Firefox users have installed Flash and 75 percent of them never update its software. This would be a land that is easy for criminals.

"This project is very important for us, because the previous version plugin bsa not detect problems with stability and security," Mozilla spokesman Jonathan Nightingale.

"Whereas 30 percent of problems occurred in the plugin crashes owned third party," he added. (okezone)

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