Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bing and Yahoo Still followed Google

A research company found Google still occupying the top position search engine competition in cyberspace.

Experian Hitwise reported, as quoted by Yahoo Tech News, Wednesday (7/10/2009), Google still control approximately 71.08 percent of Internet search engine market in the United States, during the period of 4-week study, which ended on October 3.

Under the Google and Yahoo still have Bing, who each control 16.38 percent and 8.96 percent of searches on the Internet. Bing and Yahoo estimated market share decline. Bing has decreased to 5 percent, while Yahoo dropped to 3 percent. exactly as the real winner. The reason the search engine share had increased to 8 percent compared to the previous month. In the survey period, able to reach approximately 2.56 percent.

To continue to compete in this realm, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo continue to spawn programs and services that appeal to their customers. Microsoft for example, until willing to collaborate with Yahoo and synergize each other just to beat Google's dominance. While Google's search engine to modify such a way.

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