Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Qualcomm awaiting resurrection Intel Atom

Expansion Planned Intel Atom processor family in a number of areas addressed electronic devices 'used' by one competitor, Qualcomm. Companies based in San Diego was admitted was undaunted.

Dan Novak, VP of Global Marketing, PR & Communications, Qualcomm said the company had been working together in many ways with Intel.

"It's just, if we will have to compete'll look forward to," he told reporters on the sidelines of the event Qualcomm Editor's Day 2009 which was held in San Diego, United States.

Previously, Intel's Atom processor had only played in the realm of mini laptop netbook already declared alias would be champ Intel to areas that had less tergarap by the silicon giant. Ranging from handheld devices to the netbook will be planted Atom.

Of course, though at first the business lines Qualcomm and Intel Novak said different path. Still, both playing in the nearby arena, so it is possible to happen touched.

"But we are not afraid if the future expansion will threaten Intel Qualcomm's market," he said.

For the semiconductor industry itself, Qualcomm ranked 6th to 1st quarter 2009. The position is better than what they could in 2008 which is still stuck in the 8th position. While Intel is still perched on top.

"We are in a unique business, because it has a licensing business and also played in the semiconductor industry," added Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, on different occasions. (detikinet)

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