Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nintendo, Google & Apple World's Best Companies

Nintendo, Apple, and Google become one of the best companies in the world to enter a list of 40 best companies by BusinessWeek survey.

This list is issued based on a number of factors, especially the commitment to innovation, portfolio diversification, aggressive expansion, strong leadership and clear vision for the future. Companies that entered the top 40 came from 18 countries.

In addition to technology companies, other companies in 40 major also came from different industries ranging from chemicals and shipbuilding. So that was launched via Tech Radar, Wednesday (7/10/2009).

Note however, that there are six companies and telecommunication technologies in this prestigious list such as mobile phone maker and digital hardware.

"Nintendo has increased sales 36 percent each year for five years, while the average growth of 38 percent. Despite hard times hit the world last year, Nintendo's continued emphasis on innovation has helped the company develop an interesting innovations such as game consoles DS and Wii , "explained a spokesman for Business Week.

"Like Nintendo, the U.S. technology giants Google (No. 2), Apple (No. 3), and (17) must continue to invest in innovation to fight the big cake in the market with new products. Even when consumer spending and confidence of electronic products has declined sharply, "he said. (okezone)

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