Saturday, January 23, 2010

Firefox 3.6 Finally Released, Claimed Best Browser

Mozilla Foundation finally released the latest browser, Firefox 3.6, web browser software that claimed to be the "World's Fastest Browser". In Mozilla website home page is written "World's Best Browser".

"Mozilla has improved its overall performance and accelerate time to run it," said Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, as reported by Computerworld, Thursday (21/1/2010).

He said, to open a web page can now be done 20 percent faster. JavaScript on this 3.6 version is also executed 12 percent faster than with the version of Firefox 3.5.

Firefox also includes new security features that will check the plug-in in browsers such as Adobe Flash Player or Apple Quick Time so it is always been updated. Plug-ins are suspicious will not be executed, and only to be told how to do updates if desired.

In addition, this new browser also features Personas feature that lets users choose the background theme of the browser in accordance with the preferred design of an estimated 30,000 are available. Firefox 3.6 also supports the latest web technologies such as CSS, DOM, and HTML5, including fullscreen video and web for open font format (WOFF).

"Firefox offers users to manage their own experience, this is the most customizable browser and the browser is also very fast. So, overall, I think Firefox is the best complete package," added Beltzner.

This browser is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac and can be downloaded on the Mozilla website. Firefox users can immediately upgrade to new version by doing a "check for updates" in the menu "help".

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