Saturday, January 23, 2010

Microsoft Delay IE Fix

Giant Software Microsoft requires at least three months to patch up the weaknesses of Internet Explorer (IE) 6.

Microsoft felt responsible for the actions Gmail account break-ins several human rights activists in China. Burglary which happened some time ago was caused by the existence of a gap in the IE browser.

Kim Zetter analysts say the weakness is already known before the attack on the Gmail account human rights activists in China. In fact Microsoft is just delaying improvements to the reasons to investigate further.

"Last month, Microsoft has warned users to their browser vulnerability, prior to the break-ins to Gmail, Adobe and other U.S. Internet companies. But Microsoft never patched the flaw until now," the analyst said, as quoted from the Zetter Wired site, Saturday (23 / 1 / 2010).

According to Zetter, Microsoft has been notified about the flaws in IE in September. This has been recognized Microsoft through their spokesperson Senior Security Program Manager Jerry Bryant.

"Our investigation related to reports of this vulnerability has been started since early September," said Bryant.

Bryant said, as part of this investigation Microsoft began working on the latest patch to help protect consumers.

"We became increasingly alarmed by the appearance of attacks that occurred in mid-January. The results of our investigation found that exploited weaknesses in the attack this time with what we are investigating the attack in September," he said.

Microsoft said in response to serious security problems in IE. They claimed were working hard to IE patches as soon as possible, although that concerns only IE 6.

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I remember before when I was in high school, I always use IE..however, after Firefox was launched, I've used it since then...I've preferred using FF because of its many added plugins and addons compared to IE.

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