Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 has been release

Mozilla has just released an e-mail client latest, Thunderbird 3. Software with some new features can be downloaded for free right now.

Thunderbird is Mozilla is developed for two years. This new version provides features such as tabbed e-mail, organizational tools and search features have improved.

According to Mozilla, "If you like Firefox's tabbed browsing, you'll like the tabbed e-mail. Tabbed e-mails of Thunderbird allows you to load the e-mail in separate tabs so that you can quickly switch between them. The search results also opened in a new tab. New tools such as timeline and filtering tools will help you find the e-mail that you are looking for, whether it is yesterday, last month, or a few years ago.

Archiving, according to Mozilla, a simple and requires only a single button press, or select the Archive button. Once terarsip, e-mail, e-mail is easy to find again, and all these actions will be faster. Any open tabs when you close the application will remain there until you sign-in again, while the main toolbar simplified.

Features Smart Filters and the address book one-click also been improved. There was also a new user setup process that eliminates the need to find out information about the type of POP. That means you can access your e-mail that there is only by giving your name, e-mail address and password.

But that may be most useful for those who often receive e-mail is Attachment Reminder. It works silently. Searching for the word "attachment" in the text and remind you to add a relevant document before you press the Send button.

download here

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Summerlin real estate on April 7, 2010 at 8:35 AM said...

Mozilla has been creating free software and web applications that are proven to be very functional and user-friendly..I have to admit that I'm a fan of their browser, Firefox because of its features and functionality..that's why I can't wait to try this new version of their email software (Thunderbird).

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