Friday, October 16, 2009

Microsoft will release the Xbox 720 soon?

Rumor presence of Microsoft's game console Xbox 360's successor, which continues to grow despite the Xbox720 console is not predicted to be present in the near future.

But, the rumors about the presence of the Xbox 720 back after sticking fast to warm Fudzilla technology site reported, the console will use the Graphics processing unit (GPU) besutan AMD.

"We've learned from several sources in the industry that AMD won an agreement to support the next generation Xbox console," writes Fudzilla.

Fudzilla also wrote that, Microsoft will release Xbox 720 in 2010. "Microsoft seems satisfied with the GPU Xeon, and reportedly will continue to proceed," he wrote.

Previously many observers who doubted the presence of Microsoft's XBox 720 in the near future. CEO of Activision, says Kotick Boby no game consoles like Xbox 720, Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Wii 4 HD in the next four years.

"We have no console manufacturer is providing the information about the latest generation consoles," Kotick said some time ago.

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Miami homes on April 27, 2010 at 6:48 PM said...

If this is true, then it's a good news for gamers for they now have something to look forward to...however, if this is just a rumor, then I guess gamers can always wait for the time that a new gaming console will be my case, I'm just waiting while playing my PSP :)

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