Friday, October 16, 2009

Canon IXUS 200 IS, IXUS First Touch Screen

Finally IXUS lovers hope will sail compact cameras touch become a reality. Compared with its competitors, Canon is comparatively late in presenting the touch screen feature. Is this camera will bring big changes to the generation IXUS? Touchscreen which bear little

When I first saw this pocket camera from the front, it seems nothing has changed from the design and unique angles IXUS owned previous generations. But when their backs, stretch the screen for 3 inchi which now seemed relieved, as if guiding the user to immediately press the 'on' this pocket camera, to find out what the latest features in it.

Button 'on' the shape of this little still located in the upper right side. There was next to the button to change the video / photo / auto.

When the camera lights, it will realize there is a bit strange with this camera. It turned out that this camera still has 3 types of panels on the right side of the LCD. It was far from the initial idea, that the first IXUS product promoted sailing staying touch, it still has a physical button manually, so impressed bear.

Disappointment was a little relieved. Because when tested the operation of the camera, the icons are simple and attractive it easier for users to choose an existing preset.

In addition, the body design-cover metal clad with shades of metallic paint added to the beauty IXUS 200 IS, when carry anywhere. On the right side of the camera body there is an HDMI output port, and ports A / V out. Unfortunately Nikon did not add an HDMI cable in the box IXUS 200 IS, so users are forced to buy it separately.

Performance Photos and Videos

IXUS 200 IS mildly impressed 'disrespectful' to the 'other brother caste' from Canon when first released. Why? Because the tiny camera that is more targeted to market this simple & stylish, carry a resolution of 12 MP. Though born on the same day, the latest series of Power Shot G11 and S90 are intended for users who are a little more advanced, only has a resolution of 10 MP. Perhaps this is one reason why the latest series pocket camera IXUS feels special and worth having.

Armed with DIGIC 4 processor, IXUS 200IS also comes with optical stabilization. As a result, if a user makes a zooming up to 5x with little movement, the lens can still capture a clear focus. Canon claims this is one of the benefits of DIGIC 4 processor. In addition processing image faster than previous versions, Canon has also added noise reduction capabilities in the higher ISO, and face detection features are much better.

Sure enough, when tried photographing motor running during the day from the back, brains DIGIC 4 processor and force IXUS 200IS lenses actually tested. As a result motorcycle license plate numbers are clearly taken. And the motor is driven with a speed of about 40 km / hour.

Meanwhile, face detection capabilities, this camera can detect the face of a toddler from a distance of about 8 meters. When the child ran to the left and right, the focus was still able to follow. Whereas in the room light conditions fairly minimal.

Judging from the video recording, IXUS 200 IS can record video with HD quality at 720p with 30fps of course. As a result the video quality was now a clear and not broken. Several preset video was considered, although nothing too special.

Simple Operation

With the icons and commands quite clear, this camera makes the user a 'lazy' to read the manual too, can understand very quickly.

The most interesting part of this pocket camera is the selective focus feature with a touch screen system. Users simply touch the screen fine on camera, about which objects will be taken focus. By default, IXUS 200 IS will be selecting. When testing room with uar dil enough light, the response was selective focus camera including fast. Perhaps this is an advancement of technology, DIGIC 3 processor, the DIGIC 4 processor.

With DIGIC 4 processor and a capable lens, IXUS 200 IS can capture the moment, even during low-light. Design and operation of the touch-screen it was quite easy, even for common people.

Prospective buyers can spend as much as USD 400, if you want to have a pocket camera to sail the first touch of this Canon. A relatively expensive price for the size of a pocket camera in its class. However, this price seems comparable to the quality offered.

+ Quick response.
+ Touch screen.

- Price is relatively expensive.
- The touch screen a little bear.


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Lake Travis real estate on April 28, 2010 at 7:13 PM said...

The screen is very is perfect for its touch screen features..what I love most about this camera is its face detection even if your subject is in motion, you can still keep it in focus...making it ideal in capturing your kids' precious moments.

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