Sunday, October 11, 2009

Google Display Made More Simple

Google reportedly is conducting experiments to change the look of the search service's home page. Instead of the more interactive with the many new services, Google is actually even more minimalist.

In the new view, as visitors to type site address, which will appear only logo, search box, and two underneath the search button or just the logo and search box. New full display will come when the mouse is directed to the page.

We have a minimalist view is not available directly. To try it, you can do it with the following tips.

To display the logo, search box, and two buttons just below it, type in your browser address bar. Then, copy and paste or type the following script in the address bar.

That way, every time you open a Google address, which will come out first is a minimalist version of it.

To display the logo and search box at the moment to open the Google site, use the script below.

This prototype may not work in all types and browser versions. To remove this prototype can be done by removing the PREF cookie with a name, for example through the Options menu>> Privacy in Firefox browser.

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