Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Google Chrome on MAC OS

Mac was always used as a greenhorn by Google. Windows market indeed much larger than the Mac, but just look at the new Picasa application emerged this month after the Windows version of the annual. Well, one of Google Chrome, the browser from Google which many praised, rumors will appear on your Mac as soon as possible, the first quarter of this year. News I get from Cnet.

Mac users would expect Google Chrome made with Cocoa, because if you do not. His fate will be like Firefox, can not integrate directly with applications other Macs.

For those curious about the progress of the development of Google Chrome for Mac, you can follow it on the site Google Chrome Mac developers. Or can install the raw version of Chrome. Unfortunately that is not a regular installer, but you are required to build Chrome using Xcode.

Most likely, when the first Mac version out. Chrome will support extensions that are planning new features of Chrome.

I can not wait to use Chrome, could be moved from Safari to Chrome. Google Chrome for Mac can download at here.

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