Sunday, February 14, 2010

Criminal Hacker 13 Years in Federal Prison

A former security researchers hacker crime was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for hacking into financial institutions to steal credit card numbers.

Maximum Leibatele, who used the pseudonym Iceman hacker was sentenced Friday morning in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh on charges of fraud and identity theft. In addition to his 13 years in prison, Butler will face five years of supervised release and must pay 7.5 million U.S. dollars to compensate the victims for losses, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Luke Dembosky, who prosecuted the federal case.

Dembosky that the 13-year maximum sentence ever handed down for hacking charges.

Butler, also known as the highest ideal, recognizing the crime of wire fraud in June last year.

He earned a notorious hacker will be brushing machine Forum website, where stolen credit card numbers to buy and sell, and forcing members of their business, and his own Web site - Used by criminals to create counterfeit credit card numbers stolen debit cards and credit cards, then use to steal money or goods.

This is not Butler's first hacker to face federal sentencing.

After a good start, as a security consultant who does volunteer work in the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, Butler allegedly write malicious software, install a backdoor program on the computer - including some federal government networks - which are vulnerable to a security vulnerability.

Butler served 18 months in prison for crime and decrease the difficult period of time, was released in 2002, he said, in the sentencing memorandum submitted Thursday. "I am homeless, living in a friend's sofa. I can not work," he wrote. In desperation, he turned to cyber-crime. At that time, he was arrested in September 2007, he has established the largest market for stolen credit and debit card information in the world.

"This is a shame that so many people can choose to use it the way a lot of people hurt," Dembosky receiving e-mail. "This sentence to convey the message that cyber crime very seriously."

Butler's public defender, Michael Novara, did not immediately comment on the matter.

Butler Court is proposed to be held in a minimum security federal prison camp, Sheridan, Oregon.

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