Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Make Modem Free Internet, Hacker threat Jail

As a result of making and selling engineered to a modem that can be used to steal play internet, a hacker from the United States threatened fines and $ 500 thousand or 40 years imprisonment.

Hackers from Massachusetts was arrested after a proven brand outsmart Comcast modem, so that could be used to use the internet freely. So that was launched Internet News, Wednesday (3/2/2010).

In conducting such action, the hackers take advantage of the MAC (media access control) false. So when the user of this modem to use the Internet, they took a customer MAC official, until it finally got an official customer who does not fit the bill.

As for the distribution of sales, hackers are using that now site has been blocked. Unfortunately, the result of selling through the same site, the hacker must arrest the authorities.

The reason the FBI undercover agent pretending to be buyers, Make it perpetrators caught with the evidence items. Principal accused of two articles that

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