Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google Design Tablet PC with Chrome OS

Soon, iPad will get tough opponent. Google are now expanding the development of his Chromium project to create a kind of tablet device that works with the platform or operating system OS Chrome.

Concept design Google design tablet device to appear in one page site for Chrome developers. On the page displayed the pictures show the shape and basic concept for its user interface (UI). However, all new original design.

"This is a concept UI that is under development period. The design can be changed at any moment," the statement Google's at the top of the page.

This page is displaying an outline view Chrome OS on a tablet device. There are several concepts that have been offered by Google in the tablets. Among others with a virtual keyboard that can be modified depending on whether a single screen, according to the size of the open applications, or divided on the right and left to adjust the two hands. In addition, Google also offers several settings tab to open more than one application. Could be on the edge or side by side each other

To clarify the design concept is, Google also provides an explanation in the form of free downloadable videos from the same page. The concept was designed by Glen Murphy.

There is no information when the tablet will be available in the market. However, Google had previously announced that Chrome will launch the OS later this year. Chrome OS is a new operating system design of Google's built from the platform's web browser Chrome. The operating system fully supports cloud computing services for all applications and data can not be stored in a server hard drive but on the internet.

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