Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google Will Sell Software & Applications

Google reportedly in totality would go into business applications starting next March. Services for Google Apps which provides only made software, in the near future will turn into the stock to receive any third party applications that use services that have been developed Google.

Based on the source quoted the Wall Street Journal, Monday (1/2/2010), was more aimed at services for business customers. The developers can sell applications and share the profits made by Google. So far, the business transaction to obtain similar applications made indirectly through the Service Solutions Marketplace.

"Google's future will free users to directly access the applications that have been bought through the menu on the display screen via Gmail or Google Docs," said the source. However, how the scheme has not disclosed sales.

The main purpose of this application clearly exchanges grip rival Microsoft's business. So far, Google has gained a large customer in the service-based applications that cloud computing, including Motorola Inc. and Genentech. However, many companies still choose Microsoft's offline solution for reasons of security features and the completeness of the data. Google pricing set of application services for businesses at a price of U.S. $ 50 per user per year.

Currently, Google claims Google Apps service has been used to claim 2 million business users who use both free and paid versions. While Microsoft is still much larger with 500 million subscribers of Microsoft Office. Well, whether by holding the developers, Google can boost consumer confidence as well as shortfalls and competing with Microsoft. See!

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Michael on July 26, 2010 at 7:38 PM said...

Google is rising up to being more than just a know it all icon.
Google is your friend. That is what they always say. It may be taking a long time but google is slowly making a name for itself. Maybe selling software may be the next big thing that they will go at. It may just be the right practice since google is as popular as microsoft right now as a brand. not necessarily in profits.

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