Thursday, April 29, 2010

Simple accused Expose Child Pornography

Online encyclopaedia site Wikipedia accused of spreading child pornography content. But the Simple firmly denied this.

"Our community will not allow such content is in the site. We do not have illegal material. If there, we will remove them," said Jay Walsh, a spokesman for Wikipedia.

Simple contains allegations of child pornography was posted by Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia who has now left. It was even reported to the authorities regarding this issue.

"I thought I should do this as a good citizen," Sanger said about the reason for reporting problems at the agency's investigation into the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

According to Sanger, there are several entries in Wikipedia that contain children who smelled of cartoon porn. Quoted from AFP on Thursday (04/29/2010), he believes that the content violates local law, known as strict about child pornography.

Parties Simple itself admitted had not contacted authorities. But Simple promised to work together with the authorities if they want to investigate this.

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