Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boy 2 Years Has an IQ of 160

Oscar Wrigley, toddlers aged 2 years was not just any toddler. Toddler origin of Reading, England has a 160 IQ score. Equivalent to the genius of Albert Einstein's IQ. Oscar genius began to appear when he was able to speak in his old age had just 9 months.

At age 18 months she was able to recite the alphabet from A to Z. Even he mastered thousands of vocabulary the age of 2 years. In fact, toddlers that age typically dominates around 50 new vocabulary.

"Amazing vocabulary. He's able to articulate complex sentence. One day he told me 'Mom, sausage-like partying in my mouth'," the light of Oscar's mother, Hanna.

Oscar was born normally. She is the daughter of the IT expert, Joe (29) and Hanna housewives (26) who lives in Reading, England.

Wonders of the Oscar he received was made in Mensa, an international organization for people who have a superior IQ.

Mensa spokeswoman, John Stevenage said that if Oscar is the youngest son who joined the community, which requires a minimum IQ of 148 members have this.

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