Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aircraft World's First Solar Successful Fly

A prototype solar-powered aircraft had flown for the first time in the trial in Switzerland.

The aircraft was made by the explorer Bertrand Piccard, who was the first person to circle the globe without stopping by using a balloon in 1999.

The aircraft has a wing along the wing of a jumbo aircraft B 747, but the weight of such a small car. In test flights over one and a half hours Wednesday (7 / 4), the giant wings are coated with a 12 thousand solar cells managed to move four motors and the plane lifted into the air as high as 1000 meters. Not even a drop of fuel used by these aircraft.

This solar-powered flight is the latest challenge from Bertrand Piccard, who had come from a family cruiser. His grandfather was the first person to fly a balloon into the stratosphere, while his father brought the submarine to the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean.

Bertrand Piccard plans to fly a plane around the world use solar power this year in 2012. He worked with Andre Borschberg in building such aircraft

"This is an important moment after working for seven years," said Borschberg who became the co-pilot in this pilot before takeoff.

However, this solar powered plane will not immediately replace the conventional aircraft because of flight speed is only 70 kilometers per hour and could only carry two people, pilot and copilot.

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