Sunday, January 31, 2010

China hackers breaking Google Through Social Networking Sites

Google dispute with the government of China until now still continue. Google previously threatened to leave from China after a hacker attacked the gmail account owners. How hackers to infiltrate into your Gmail account and spreading malware on the site search engine.

Financial Times reported, the actions initiated by hackers looking for the address instant messaging (IM) Google employees in China through social networking sites.

The alleged assault to Google and a number of companies and asked to be a 'friend' of Google employees. When they have established friendship, the hacker sends a link that contains the malware to the employees. Thus, the malware will spread so Google employees clicking the link.

"Investigation showed that the attacker has chosen a number of corporate employees who have access to critical data and they also learned friends the other google employees," writes the Financial Times.

"Hackers have been using social networking accounts on the number of employees and has counted the possibility that people will click on a link that was sent," continued writing the Financial Times

George Kurtz, McAfee's Chief Technology Officer to justify, the attacker uses a lot of programs that use instant messaging to distribute malware employees.

Nevertheless, Google also still investigating a number of its employees allegedly involved in attacks that began in mid-December before. Not only Google, hacker attacks also about 30 other computers.

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