Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goojje: New Copies of Google Search Engine

During this, China is a good country for imitating a matter of global products, which then sold as a product Original but Fake. Recently, the country is also duplicated the Google search engine.

Search engine called Goojje, not only similar in terms of the use of the name. But also in the type of service, and display. In fact, the content in the Gojje also very similar to Google. Apparently, in Mandarin itself, suffix the word 'jje' means older sister. As for Google, which end in the word 'gege' has a meaning as an older brother.

Although search engine is a service Goojje original artificial China, it does not mean they were given a special policy. Therefore, the content in the Goojje also received from the government's strict censorship. Not like 'brother, Google, search engines are Goojje abide by them.

Even so, Goojje was sympathetic to the case against Google. In fact, Goojje has a message on its site that read: "My sister is very happy when his brother did not leave and stay with her sister".

Unfortunately, until now there has been no comment from Google on the emergence of search engines such imitation. Currently, Google is still overcoming his company dispute with the government of China, who do control is too tight.

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