Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Masalah Google China mendapat tanggapan Serius Hillary Clinton

Hacking Action hackers conducted by China against Google, Adobe Systems and 30 other U.S. companies, to get serious attention from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, through his secretary said that if Hillary is the action a very serious problem.

"We've got directions from Google about the evidence they find, this is a serious problem," said Hillary in question, told PC World, Wednesday (13/1/2010).

"The U.S. government also plans to request information from the government of China on this issue," he added.

Google getting from the hacker attacks since mid-December. A similar problem experienced by 30 U.S. companies in China, including Adobe Systems that contribute to the target. The attack itself was carried out by using the bug hackers email through a specific software. Most piercing itself is to steal information from emails human rights activists in China.

As a result of the attack, Google plans to stop operating its search engine business units in China, they've run through But earlier, Google will open the first Internet censorship that had been done by Google on the orders of China so that Google will no longer sort the results by any citizen of China.

Meanwhile, competitors Google, Yahoo, expressed his related issues affecting the country's Google's Bamboo Curtain. "We will stand with Google, because the attack is a violation of personal rights of users, and it must be stopped," explained a spokesman for Yahoo, at different occasions.

Yahoo did not run the business in full in China, because they have to sell some of Yahoo China business to, in the form of division of ownership.

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