Sunday, February 14, 2010

4G Mobile Services

India's telecom regulator has begun discussion on the introduction of fourth generation (4G) mobile phone standard in the country, even in the spectrum auction 3G (third generation) network, has been postponed for a year.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India agency (TRAI) Wednesday said it is preparing a consultation paper on mobile wireless broadband service based on the International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (for IMT - Advanced) standard proposed by the International Telecommunication Union.

In the new 4G network will allow users of mobile multimedia streaming, such as television programs and online games, and the speed of up to 10 times, 3G networks, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India said.

In order to facilitate the introduction of 4G mobile broadband services, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India said it would consider the relevant issues, such as licensing and spectrum allocation and pricing to provide such services.

Our goal at this stage is to prepare a consultation paper with more extensive consideration, resulting in recommendations to make the appropriate decisions taken by the Government or the appropriate rules and regulations of the regulation, TRAI said.

It calls for comment from the "all stakeholders" in March 15.

Originally scheduled for last January, in the 3G spectrum auction to the private sector has been postponed until January of this year, due to differences within the Government, the pricing range. The auction was again postponed, reportedly because the Defense Department to postpone the release of spectrum required for commercial purposes.

India's 525 million mobile phone subscribers at the end of last year.

Two large state-owned telecommunications service providers, the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam and Bharat Sanchar Nigam has started to provide 3G services, through allocation of a turn-out of the spectrum.

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