Sunday, February 14, 2010

Daytona 500 result

Jamie McMurray for the first time won the World Cup this is only his second start this on behalf of Peter, injured 925 Marlin in 2002.

6 Jamie McMurray completed the last seven races, he also scored the top ten, and to promote team owner Chip Ganassi to take his own in 2003.

Jamie McMurray completed 13, 11 and 12 points, respectively, over the next three seasons, but were unable to find victory lane again, Ganassi. McMurray moved Jiemiluoshen No. 26 Ford team driver in 2006.

Jie Mimai commitment MacMurray began to appear in the 8-year-old go-kart. In 1986, the 10-year-old Jamie McMurray won his first karting championship the United States. Jamie McMurray to win three, and in 1991, he joined the World Karting Championship, and his list of early achievements.

Jamie McMurray also have the opportunity to represent the United States in the international go-kart race former Soviet Union.

Jamie began in 1992 MCMURRAY NASCAR Late Model drivers. Jamie McMurray in 1997, defeating former NASCAR Winston Racing Series champion title track La Lifei Phillips on I - 44 highway in Lebanon, Missouri

麦克默里杰米 in the NASCAR race RE / MAX of the Challenge, in 1998-99. Also in 1999, published 麦克莫里杰米 Craftsman Truck Series debut, its best result was 11th in Las Vegas in five games.

Jiemi Mai, 16 truck series MacMurray began in 2000, finished third at Indianapolis Raceway Park to go along with three other top 10. Jamie McMurray has two Busch a year ago to join a series of full-time in 2001.

In 2002, Jamie McMurray, ranked sixth in the final standings of the championship and two before the establishment of six children under five years of age and 14 pre-10. Although this generation of Marin in the World Cup series, Jie Mimai MacMurray became the first driver 11 and one in the modern era (1972-present) to win the World Cup in his first or second start.

Jamie McMurray is a Cup rookie in 2003, 5 top 5 children under the age 13 to enter the top ten. In 2004 Jamie McMurray released nine years ago, children under 5 years of age and 23 to enter the top ten.

Also in 2004, became a more and more choices Jamie McMurray driver to win in all three NASCAR's top series, complete the feat in reverse order Cup, Busch and trucks.

Macmurray is Jiemimake selected Martin to replace him at No. 6, but when the opening of the emergence of a 97/26, McMurray has his journey.

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