Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nokia N97 Software Update 2.0

Nokia N97 finally issued a software update version 2.0. This update adds the ability to improve and features are superior to the Nokia N97. Performance improvement was significant on the phone that included in this smartphone category. In addition to the existing fix bugs in previous versions of the software, the largest increase was in the scroll feature on the touch screen which now comes with a full kinetic, allows finger flick on the screen. Improvisation personalization options screen allows the user faces the screen up front and your favorite application shortcuts there, among others, the ability clock widget now easily be moved to any side.

The increase seen present on all sides of the Nokia N97. Some applications have the redesign, among others in the music player, now with the rise albumart touch volume control. Nokia Ovi get maps of a significant portion of the increase in view of the 3D maps make navigation assistance during the journey. Access Nokia Email, Ovi Ovi Store Contacts and more compact and easier thanks to the scroll feature improvisations on a large touch screen so users can freely read emails, search for a contact number and select applications for download from the Ovi Store. 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens also get additional improvisation with guaranteed stability when taking pictures and video. Not only that, the memory and battery capacity was increased, as well as processor speed increased substantially. Nokia has done a great job in improving this side, making the Nokia N97 feels like a new device.

Nokia N97 was first launched worldwide in June 2009. Being a second phone that uses the Nokia production touchscreen. As Jonas Geust, Vice President and Head of Nokia NSeries, "The Nokia N97 is an important step towards our vision to bring the surf experience very personal. Complete set of music applications, maps, game media and the flexibility to download from Ovi, Nokia N97 turn browsing into a memorable experience that can be made according to interests and tastes owner. " Software update 2.0 nokia n97 can be obtained free on the official site nokia Indonesia (

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