Monday, December 14, 2009

yFrog Launch Twitter Client Application For BlackBerry and Android

android, blackberry, imageshack, seesmic, twitpic, twitter, yFrogyFrog as one of the pictures and sharing service for Twitter video now flapping its wings even wider. Continuing the strategy of its mobile business, is now launching yFrog Twitter client application for BlackBerry users as well as Android.

yFrog the BlackBerry itself allows you to send a Tweet, upload pictures and videos to Twitter, display Tweet, yFrog search features, display follower and display messages in your inbox.

To own Android device, more sophisticated features, not only as the features mentioned above. You can also download multiple files directly in the same time, upload a video with a duration for 15 minutes with high quality, while also, you can display the GPS location function when you are uploading.

yFrog itself has been launched by the ImageShack in early 2009, which indeed is the way these companies to face competition from Twitter client applications and can be used to sharing such tools are offered by Seesmic and TwitPic. You are interested in using it?

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