Monday, December 14, 2009

Plustek Make it easy Scan Documents With MobileOffice D428

mobileoffice D428, plustek, Portable, scannerToday Technology is not only more sophisticated than before, but today's technology is also made for easy to carry and easy to use. That's what created a portable device, so you can not be limited by time and place to meet your needs.

Plustek has recently launched MobileOffice D428 portable scanner designed with a fairly small size and can be used anywhere and anytime. D428 scanner features 600dpi resolution and has a Color CIS image sensor. This scanner can scan a page in just 2.2 seconds, or 28 pages per minute.

To measure the paper itself, this scanner can be used to scan A4 or legal, which is also the maximum thickness of the material to be scanned is approximately 1.2mm. You can also save the results in a format scanning BMP, PCX, PJEG, TIFF, PNG, MS Word, MS Excel, Word Pro, WordPerfect or directly in the form of emails sent. Not to mention how much the price range of portable scanners, we wait.

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