Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Most popular YouTube video in 2009

Throughout 2009, many videos posted on YouTube so popular and seen The access millions. YouTube announced, video of the most widely viewed throughout the year 2009 is a Scottish singer, Susan Boyle.

Boyle appearance on the show 'Britain's Got Talent', according YouTube has been viewed a total of about 120 million times. People seem amazed that despite his appearance did not convince, Boyle did have a stunning voice.

Entrenched in the second position is a video called 'David After Dentist', witnessed by about 37 million times. This video recording of a child's behavior after visiting the dentist.

Crazy behavior at the wedding on video "JK Entrance Wedding Dance ', won third place with approximately accessed 33 million times. Next, movie trailers teens idol,' New Moon 'is viewed 31 million times.

This is the first time Google's site was released a list of the most popular videos. And it was not limited to, YouTube also reveals that the search topic fastest growing every month, in the year 2009.

Not surprisingly, the most popular topics are usually related to events that are happening in the month of warm concerned. In July for example, the topic of Michael Jackson became the most popular because of the King of Pop had died at that time.

As for the month of December, a search of Tiger Woods golf athletes fastest growing. This can not be separated from the Woods sex scandal that dominated the news in the media.

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