Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Windows Live Messenger Bring Social Networking Sites

wondows live, social networking, windows liva messengerOnline social networks has grown rapidly over recent years, evidenced by the many users who now participate in some online social networks such as Windows Live Messenger, Flickr, My Space and Facebook.

Each online social networking has its unique features of each. Some online social networks are often busy with a number of log-in with the keywords should be included. As the user must log on to a five to ten social networking online every day, users are often made difficult and must spend time to keep in touch with various online social networks are different.

Windows Live now has succeeded in building an online social networking much easier. You can quickly develop your online partner community and connect with the world. Windows Live users can now incorporate online social networking contacts and capabilities of social networking online 30 which includes various features such as music, videos, reviews and photos, including Facebook, Hi5 and My Space to the Windows Live applications of their favorites.

This means users can now integrate the best applications from a variety of online social networking and other communication networks, which do not need to participate more in social networking online additional.

Five key activities that can be consolidated by the users of Windows Live, among others;

• Windows Live user can easily invite their contacts from third-party sites such as MySpace, Hi5, Tagged clan Facebook into Windows Live. This means that the user contact list consolidated and simplified.

• Windows Live user can receive the latest information instantly from their contacts from various social networks simply by linking this network address in Windows Live address owned. For example, if a contact to put new photos on Facebook, or renew their status, these changes will automatically appear in the show 'What's New "in Windows Live them.

• Users who share your images online are now able to add the latest information in the Windows Live from: Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, SmugMug, Metroflog, Bilddagboken and much more.

• Users who have a blog to add content in the Windows Live from: WordPress, LiveJournal, TypePad, Overblog or other public blogs activities commonly used by the Blogger and others.

• Users who access the following sites to find information, music, videos and radio shows, can add information to the Windows Live from: MSN, the Zune Social, iLike, Pandora,, Dada, Dailymotion and so on.

What is the meaning for consumers?
• Windows Live no longer need to go into all the online social networking sites to check their current status, shows the latest blog or photograph posted. Everything can be done through the Windows Live Home Page. Important things that will be displayed through the main Windows Live Messenger.

Partners Keriasama
• Arto
• Chest
• Dailymotion
• Daum
• Digg
• ilike
• Facebook
• Flickr
• Flixster
• Fotolog
• Hevre
• Hyves
• Live Journal
• MClub
• Metroflog
• Overblog
• Pandora
• Photobucket
• SmugMug
• StumbleUpon
• Triplt
• Twitter
• TypePad
• Wordpress
• Yandex
• Yelp

Additional features simple to combine all the contacts that come from a variety of online social networking partners.

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Revive Energy Mints on May 3, 2010 at 1:51 AM said...

This is a nice move from MSN...joining the wagon of social networking sites..I have an account on MSN but only few of my friends are using it so I find it rather useless..unlike Facebook which is already popular among people...I hope MSN can integrate more features on their social networking site to drew in more people.

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