Saturday, December 12, 2009

Multipoint Windows Server 2010

Currently there are many schools in Indonesia still needs internet computer facilities and teaching-learning process. Unfortunately, due to limited funds, many schools that have not been able to buy computers for students in the school. So as one of the solutions of these limitations, Microsoft launched the latest technology that is Windows Multipoint Server 2010.

"This technology is HP's collaboration with Microsoft Indonesia Indonesia is a single server with many monitors to overcome the digital divide in the classroom," said Ananta Gondomono, Academic Program Manager microsoft Indonesia, on the sidelines of the International Symposium on Distand and E-Learning, Thursday (10/12/2009).

Explained Ananta, multiseta product is run by microsoft software. This is the latest technology that is one server can be used up to 10 monitors. With the condition that it is very suitable when used for the PC laboratories in schools with limited funds.

"So we are today in the junior demonstrate to 5 students and teachers better understand more about the solution of the Windows Server 2010 Multi Point is," he said.

With this technology, several monitors in classrooms, laboratories, or in the library can be run with a single server computer. In addition to the presence of efficient this technology is also believed to reduce computer costs between 7-80 percent.

"Effective and cost-saving computer use, too," explained Ananta.

Meanwhile, according to Thomas Edy Suharta, teachers admitted SMPN 5 Yogyakarta helped by the presence of this technology. For schools that have implemented the International Standard School (SSI), one of the conditions is to have multiple computers in the classroom according to the number of students. then with Multipoint Windows 2010 Server can save electricity because one server can be used 10 monitors.
"Obviously we are helped by the presence of this technology as more and facilitate their students in teaching and learning," said Thomas. (okezone)

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Windermere Florida real estate on April 27, 2010 at 4:47 AM said...

This is a great news for Indonesia's education system...I just hope this projects will continue and reach other places especially those that are in remote areas..that way, students from all over Indonesia will have an equal opportunity and chance to learn the latest technologies like the Internet.

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