Saturday, December 12, 2009

Language Perspective, Plurk outperform Twitter

Although still lost with Twitter in the affairs of the number of users, but Plurk has its own advantages in terms of language. With these advantages Plurk has a charm that attracted many users in Asia, including Indonesia.

The number of 'stock' local language is the power possessed by Plurk. Plurk offers as many as 33 languages and 45 does not include the current language
are in the process of cultivation.

Compared with Twitter which has only 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese) These figures are still far adrift. The existence of the generous
penerjemahlah which turned out to be owned by the power of language micro-blogging site was first released in 2008.

Plurk has a lot of translators from the open-source community and they are willing to work without pay. Said co-founder of Plurk, Alvin Woon, they all also have a strong desire to localize the site of this micro-blogging into their own language.
"When Plurk first released, we already have a translator system in which all systems have been translated into 25 languages in just 2 weeks, and this is all done by our users," said Woon as reported by PC World, Sunday ( 13/12/2009).

Responding to the strategy language, Twitter has not thrown his comments. It seems, Twitter does not feel threatened by the power that these Plurk, because
according to the list of the most densely website version traffic Alexa, Twitter's ranked number 14 globally. Plurk itself far behind him, was in the order of 1073.

However, despite the global lost, Plurk still has his own base in the Asian region. In Taiwan, this site even become number one. Plurk is equally famous in the country of Malaysia, and also in Indonesia that in fact the largest market Plurk to-2 in the world, followed by America in order 3.
(pcworld, detikinet)

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