Friday, October 9, 2009

Sony claims lightest notebook

Sony announced and declared that they had created the world's lightest notebook. VAIO X, 11-inch netbook, announced as the lightest notebook. This notebook uses the outer skin material of carbon fiber to achieve weighing only 1.6 pounds only. This notebook uses Intel Atom processor and the system is very thin, measuring the thickness of 0:55 inches.

Atom chip is contributing to the length of battery usage. Although limited to just 3.5 hours, a second coming from the system, can prolong the battery up to 4 times to 14 hours. Multi-touch is a new thing for Sony and is supported, touch, rotation, and other similar controls.

VAIO System X will be launched at a price of $ 1,300 with a 2GHz specifications Atom, 2GB RAM, 64GB total hard disk, and the OS Windows 7. Each model has an additional 3G accessed through Verizon and data for the GPS, but for the special edition will be launched at a price of $ 1,500. The difference lies in the material to be coated in gold and hard disk 2 times as many messages from this moment and will be accepted next month.

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