Monday, September 28, 2009

Windows 7 Ready Released in October, Microsoft Begin Advertise

Along with the operating system will release Windows 7 next month, seems the more incentive marketing Microsoft cram latest ads to the public.

3 Now the latest ad to promote Windows 7 has been available to the public. The ads are titled "Windows Live Movie Maker: Share Videos. Share Your Life ',' Aero Shake: Shake Away the Clutter 'and' Personalization: Your content, Your Style ".

The third ad is still basically the same as Windows 7 previous ad, which aims to introduce the features that Microsoft's latest OS to the community, such as: Windows Live Movie Maker, Aero Shake and Personalization.

the ad was made by a director named Marty Martin. He was able to complete these ads in just 3 days.

Even the ads entitled Personalization: Your content, Your Style created only Canon DSLR camera equipped 5D Mark II, with the Adjustment under cultivation in After Effects, Imagineer Mocha, Shape, Motors, and Final Cut Pro 7.

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