Friday, October 9, 2009

Top 10 Mobile 2009 Forbes version

Forbes, the magazine of the famous American with his list either entry best 10, 50, and so on. of all categories of goods in world. On occasion this time, Forbes made the best list of 10 mobile version of 2009.

Included in the assessment criteria in addition to Forbes is sold at low cost, mobile phones should also have features to faces detection camera, perfect touch screen technology, long lasting in terms of battery, and internal memory capacity is large enough.

In addition, Forbes is also assessing how the mobile speed in accessing the internet. Must quickly and smoothly in playing the multimedia features of mobile phones owned by them.

Here are 10 best mobile Forbes 2009:

1. Asus P565
2. BlackBerry Bold
3. HTC Imagio
4. iPhone 3G S
5. Palm Pre
6. Samsung 360 H1
7. Samsung Jet
8. Samsung Omnia HD
9. Sony Satio
10. Toshiba TG01


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