Thursday, October 8, 2009

PES 2010 Bundle with Sony and Microsoft

PES fans in Japan receive happy news at the time of this story revealed - Microsoft and Sony have announced their console bundle each with PES 2010 game will be released next November, with the price of ¥ 38,000 (£ 265).

The packaging contains the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite, the hard disk with a capacity of 120GB, two wireless sticks, and the original copy of PES 2010. While Sony packs the PS3 contains Slim, 120GB hard disk capacity, a wireless stick, and real coffee PES 2010.

For fans of PES in Europe, this happy news has not reached the European mainland there. But, the SCEE did not deny that such a console bundle will be present also in continental Europe later.

This announcement followed the earlier bid from Sony and Microsoft for the Christmas celebration in front. Xbox 360 will get a limited edition 250GB hard disk pack, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Forza 2 and 3 in different packaging.

Slim PS3 also offers the same thing. The difference is their packaging contains a 250GB hard disk with the option game Uncharted 2 or Blu-ray films containing the X-Men Origins: Wolvering, The Dark Knight, and control remoto Sony Blu-ray. Prices for Sony packaging is £ 284.99, while Microsoft's £ 249.99. (udaramaya)

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Oviedo Florida real estate on April 30, 2010 at 11:13 PM said...

I bet a lot of fans have already bought this new game...also this is smart marketing move from both company..they've decide to released it on Christmas season just in time for bonuses and gift giving time...anyways thanks for sharing this information...I hope you won't gre tired sharing info like this to us, your readers.

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