Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kaspersky: Cyber Terrorist Threat It Real

Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab antivirus companies say the threat of cyber terrorism is real. "I do not know when and where, but believe that the threat of cyber terrorism was very close," said Eugene as Editors Luncheon with the media in Jakarta, Thursday (8/10/2009).

According to him, the cyber criminals will start looking for ways to attack the critical infrastructure of non-IT by using IT networks. A cyber criminal cases affecting electricity infrastructure has even been handled by the CIA.

On that occasion Eugene also said that the attacks carried out across the country yg still will continue to happen. Thus, he said, cyber war is not a nut case.

Is Kaspersky Labs as a computer security company will be involved in protecting the IT infrastructure of such things? Eugene claims could not give

On the one hand, he said, it is difficult to protect from DDoS attacks. But on the other hand it has the technology can help deal with it.

Eugene also admitted not be surprised if certain countries to make the software to do a spy. "If it exists, it is not malware, I would not call it malware but government ware," he said.

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Fort Myers beach foreclosures on April 22, 2010 at 8:17 AM said...

I share your sentiments...I also believe that cyber threat is just around the corner and just waiting for the time to strike..that's why we have to be always on guard..same thing holds true to our government agencies..they should be always on the look out for any future cyber threat.

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